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Help for New Jersey Veterans

The state of New Jersey has two departmental divisions to help veterans access their benefits and to maintain the veterans’ healthcare services.  The Federal Department of Veterans’ Affairs can be a tangled web of changing regulations and departments.  Residents of New Jersey can get help from the New Jersey Division of Veterans Healthcare Services.  This division is responsible for maintaining New Jersey’s three state long-term care veterans’ homes (located in Vineland, Menlo Park and Paramus).

The Division of Veterans Services offers support to veterans in providing an information phone line regarding pension entitlements, preference and status determinations for individual veterans, and information regarding the process for getting benefits as well as what to do when benefits are denied.

Many Diverse Benefits are Available to Veterans and their Families

The New Jersey Veterans Services Division also maintains the veterans’ cemetery, the monuments and memorials and homeless veterans transitional housing program.  They offer training for veterans to improve their employment, education, and family life.  They offer counseling as well as job training services.  There are many benefits including a special property tax refund, counseling for veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and even tuition assistance for family members who have lost a parent in combat.

Getting Help

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