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Powers of Attorney

Morris County & Bergen County Powers of Attorney Assistance

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A power of attorney is a critical component of any New Jersey estate plan. By working with an accomplished trusts and estates lawyer, you can ensure that your estate plan includes the proper power of attorney documents. 

E.A. Goodman Law, LLC provides comprehensive estate planning services to clients, including drafting and preparing wills, powers of attorney, and other essential documents. If you need assistance with preparing a power of attorney or any other estate planning matter, contact our Morristown office today to schedule a consultation. 

What Power of Attorney Documents Do I Need?

A power of attorney names a trusted person to act as your agent if you become incapacitated and lose the ability to make critical decisions. Different powers of attorney are available to protect your financial affairs and ensure your healthcare needs are met. The essential documents that need to be created include:

Durable Financial Power of Attorney

This document designates an agent (e.g. spouse, trusted family member, friend ) to manage your property, bank and investment accounts, and other financial interests should you become temporarily or permanently incapacitated. 

Your agent is authorized to sign your name for financial purposes, manage your accounts, pay your bills, and invest your assets. The person you appoint as your financial power of attorney must be trustworthy and capable of acting as your agent. 

Advanced Directive for Healthcare

This document, also referred to as a power of attorney for healthcare or healthcare proxy, names a trusted person to act as your healthcare representative to coordinate your medical care with your doctor if you cannot communicate your preferences. 

In addition to a durable power of attorney and healthcare directive, it is also important to put in place the following documents:

  • Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR) — This document alerts doctors, nurses, and emergency personnel that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) should not be used to keep you alive in case of a medical emergency. A DNR is frequently used in conjunction with other advanced medical directives (e.g. Living Will) by those who are critically ill and do not wish to receive life-sustaining treatment.
  • HIPAA Release Authorization — The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects your private health information and medical records. The law requires the completion of a HIPAA authorization to release medical information to outside organizations, agents, successor trustees, family members, and other designees. Completing a HIPAA Authorization will ensure that your healthcare representative and family members have access to critical information about your condition. 

By putting in place the necessary powers of attorney, you can rest assured that your affairs will be properly managed and your healthcare needs will be met. In the long run, the surest way to achieve all of your goals is by working with the right estate planning attorney.

The Importance of Powers of Attorney and Incapacity Planning

Life is unpredictable and a serious injury or illness can leave you unable to make even small decisions on your own. Failing to create the necessary powers of attorney can have serious consequences for your estate and jeopardize your well-being. 

Without a durable power of attorney and healthcare proxy in place, a family member will need to ask the court to be appointed to act on your behalf. In the event of a medical emergency, disputes may arise among family members that could become a lengthy and expensive legal battle. In short, a power of attorney can help with incapacity planning and ensure that your interests will be protected.

Why You Need E.A. Goodman Law

At E.A. Goodman Law, we are keenly aware that no one likes to think about dying or the possibility of becoming incapacitated, but planning for such misfortune is the only responsible thing to do for yourself and your loved ones. 

We know how to draft the necessary powers of attorney and other estate planning tools that will facilitate seamless transitions when you are incapable of making your own financial and medical decisions.  We also work with owners of small businesses and professional practices to develop powers of attorney as part of a business succession planning strategy.

Our objective is to help protect your interests, your assets, and your loved ones. When you work with our dedicated legal team, you can rest assured that your personal and business affairs will be in good hands. You will also relieve loved ones of the burden of going to court to obtain the authority to assume these decision-making responsibilities. Rest assured, your well-being and your legacy matter to us. 

When You Need a Power of Attorney, Contact Our Experienced Trusts and Estates Lawyer

While form power of attorney and estate planning documents are readily available online, these documents may not adhere to state law or adequately address your unique needs. By working with the legal team at E.A. Goodman Law, LLC, you will have comfort knowing that your interests and your loved ones will be protected. Contact our office today to set up an appointment.