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New York Estate Tax vs. Federal Estate Tax

New York Estate Tax Exemption is much Lower than the Federal Exemption 

While Congress significantly raised the estate tax exemption from $3.5 million dollars to $5 million dollars in December 2010, the state of New York requires estates to start paying estate tax on anything over just $1 million dollars.

Who has to File a New York Estate Tax Return?

Any person who is a resident of New York at the time of death, or anyone who owns real or tangible personal property in New York, even if he is not a resident of the state, is required to pay state estate taxes.  A person who owns real or tangible property who is not a U.S. resident or citizen must file a New York state estate tax return only if the gross estate in the U.S. has a value over $60,000.00 less applicable gift tax exemptions.

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