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HIPAA and Your Family

HIPAA Compliance and Your Family

“The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996” (also known as HIPAA) was drafted to protect the privacy of patient information.  HIPAA limits the kind of information and the circumstances under which information can be released to anyone other than the patient. Even family members have limited access to health care records under HIPAA.

Family Members Have Restricted Access to Medical Records

If you are unable to make health care decisions for yourself for any reason, perhaps due to medication, stroke, or dementia, someone else will need to make decisions for you.  In that case, you will likely want the person making decisions for you to have access to your medical records, but under HIPAA, they will have limited or no access.

Properly Drafted Health Care Directive and HIPAA form Help Your Family

In New York and New Jersey, a properly drafted health care directive in conjunction with a HIPAA form will provide the individual, or individuals, of your choice to have access to your medical records and to have your permission to talk to medical providers about the best possible care for you when are unable to speak for yourself.

Experienced Elder Law Attorney Elga Goodman can help you create a plan for your future medical care which will protect your best interests and your family as well.  Contact us today at 973-841-5111.

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