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Leaving Personal Property-Part Two

What Do Your Children Cherish?

Now that you have given some thought to what you would like to happen to the personal items which you prize, take this opportunity to talk to your children, grandchildren and others close to you about what they cherish.  Take the time to talk individually ask what their memories are and you may discover there are things they cherish of which you were not aware.

Sharing Family Memories

One of my clients told me a story about a porcelain dog that her grandmother kept by her fireplace. It would have perhaps sold for $5.00 at an estate sale.  Whenever my client and her siblings went to her grandmother’s house, the dog would be appropriately dressed for whatever season or holiday was at hand.  The dog had a Christmas wreath, a birthday hat, and even bunny ears for Easter.  When she died and my client’s siblings met to divide her personal property, she and her sister both assumed no one else would want the porcelain dog, but they each only wanted the dog.  Neither of them cared about the fine china, or the expensive paintings in the living room. Thankfully, they managed to arrange a “shared custody” of the dog and it travels from house to house.

Leaving a Special Gift

If you take the time to ask your loved ones about their favorite memories, it will give you a fabulous opportunity to reminisce about special quirky family traditions and may also give you some insight as to what you could specifically leave to different family members which they may cherish more than anyone else. They will also be so grateful that you cared enough to know what they would like.

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