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Leaving Personal Property—Part One

Your Personal Property Has Sentimental Value
Everyone has special personal property that is more cherished for its sentimental value than for its cash value.  Having a plan for leaving sentimental property will allow you to rest assured that it will remain in good care for future generations.

Carefully Consider What You Value

Take a close look around your home and take an inventory of things that are meaningful to you.  Some things that people want to leave to specific family members or friends are:

  • Family photos
  • Trophies or awards
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork and sculptures
  • China or serving dishes

You may have something special in mind for your niece who always remembered your birthday, or something special for your daughter who tended your garden when you were too ill to pull the weeds.  Maybe you know who will put your favorite vase on the mantel and who is likely to sell it on E-Bay so you can make a list to leave specific things to specific people in your life.

Make a List

Once you have an inventory of the things that are special to you and you give some serious thought to whom you would like to leave them, make sure you make a list that you sign and date and leave with your Last Will and Testament so it is easily found when you are gone.

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