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"Marital Limbo" and Estate Planning

Many couples remain legally married while, for all intents and purposes, they’re separated.  The may not have gotten a divorce, and they may still own property jointly.  They may even share a residence.  But, they no longer consider themselves a couple and they lead separate lives.  In such cases, estate planning can be very tricky.

In New Jersey, when a married person dies, the surviving spouse is legally entitled to one-third of the deceased spouse’s estate.  However, if you consider yourself separated, you may want to leave all or the vast majority of your estate to people or entities other than your spouse.  Given your circumstances, it is highly recommended that you speak with both an estate planning attorney and a matrimonial attorney to understand  your options.   We all want control over how our assets are distributed after we’re gone. Your situation is very complicated, and getting expert advice is critical.

Getting Legal Help

Experienced Estate Planning Attorney, Elga A. Goodman, can help you explore your options and develop an estate plan that addresses your unique circumstances.  Contact us today at 974-841-5111.

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