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Living Wills and Financial Considerations

A Living Will is an important part of estate planning.  It enables you to give advance directives to your agent or physician regarding what measures should or should not be taken to sustain life if you are near death and totally incapacitated.

The question has arisen regarding whether or not tax implications and financial planning considerations should be addressed in a Living Will.  This is very troubling. Once financial considerations are incorporated into a Living Will, opportunities may arise for misunderstandings or abuse.  Premature termination of life, or the unnecessary extension of life, are real possibilities.  A Living Will should be focused strictly on end-of-life care.  It should not be a financial document.

Getting Legal Help

Experienced Estate Planning Attorney, Elga Goodman, can help you prepare a Living Will that will reflect your specific wishes and needs, and that will provide clear guidance to your agent and physician.

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