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I Can Write My Own Will — No Problem!

Most people understand the importance of having a will.  If you’re lucky enough to have assets, you want to make sure that those assets go to the right people or institutions when you’re gone.  The home you own, savings accounts, stocks, bonds, jewelry, the list goes on and on, must be identified and properly handled.  And, what if you have minor children?   What provisions need to be made for their care?  There are so many things to consider when preparing a will.  You want to be sure you get it right.

That’s why working with an attorney to prepare your will is so critical.  An experienced estate planning attorney knows the state and federal laws applicable to your specific situation.  How you choose to distribute your assets can be very tricky.  Do you want to distribute your assets outright or via trusts that may provide tax savings for your beneficiaries? If you do decide to set up trusts,  what type of trusts will serve you best?  And what about changing circumstances?  How do you address the birth of additional children, the death or disability of beneficiaries, changes in your financial circumstances?  These are just a few of the many considerations that go into preparing a will.  Doing it on your own may result in an incomplete document that, at the  very least, omits many things that are important to you, or at worst, is not legally binding.

Getting  Legal Help

Elga Goodman is a highly regarded and experienced estate planning attorney who has helped many families create flexible wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents that protect assets and loved ones.  We can make the estate planning process easy for you and your family.  Contact us today at 973-841-0511.

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