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Is a New York Health Care Proxy the same as a Living Will?

Health Care Proxy

A health care proxy assigns the power of making health care decisions to someone else. A person must be careful to choose someone he trusts completely for his health care proxy because the person will be entrusted to make potentially life-saving decisions. The health care proxy can also provide specific details on the level of care a patient would choose if he were mentally and physically able to decide for himself.

Is a Health Care Proxy the same as a Living Will?

No. A health care proxy assigns decision making power to another person and that person can make decisions based on the patient’s circumstances at the time the decision-making power is transferred. An individual does not have to guess what the future will hold because someone else can make decisions for the patient when the time comes.

A living will on the other hand addresses what types of care a person does or does want and typically addresses all possible medical circumstances which may arise in the future. A living will can complement a health care proxy by providing detail about a patient’s wishes so the person entrusted to make decisions can be guided by those choices. A patient who does not feel comfortable assigning the power to make health care decisions to one person can use a living will to guide medical providers in case of incapacity.

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