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There are many books and computer programs to help you write your own will. If you have taken a thorough inventory of your assets and your liabilities and you don’t have any minor children or real property, a boilerplate will might work for you.

Minor Children Complicate Will Drafting

If you have minor children though, there are decisions to be made regarding the type of trust you establish, the person or organization who will manage the trust, how distributions will be made, and the person who will be guardian of the minor children.  An experienced estate planning attorney can discuss your hopes and dreams for your children and help you understand all the options available for protecting your children in your absence.

Anything which complicates the distribution of property should sway you to consult an attorney before drafting your own will. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you not only with the will language, but can educate you on the all possible tax-saving and asset-protecting strategies available for you.

Getting Legal Help

Experienced Estate Planning Attorney Elga Goodman has been helping clients realize their long-term financial goals for protecting loved ones for many years.  Contact us before you write your own will and find out what you might be missing:  973-841-5111.



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