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What Will You Leave Your Children—Other than Money?

Parents Have Hopes and Dreams

If you are a parent, you likely have hopes and dreams for your children.  Maybe your dream for your daughter  is medical school followed by a successful career saving people’s lives.  Or, maybe career success is not a priority for you and you hope your son is self-confidence and a quiet strength of character that will see him through all the challenges that may come his way.

Estate Planning According to Your Family’s Values

In the process of estate planning, parents are often focused on the money, the life insurance proceeds and the family vacation home they plan to leave to their children.  It is equally important though to consider the non-monetary consequences of what we choose to leave our children and how we choose to leave it.

Work with an Estate Planning Attorney

Discussing your hopes and dreams for your children with an experienced estate planning attorney will result in an estate plan that does more than just leave your children a financial inheritance. It will result in a plan that helps your children understand what you hope for them even when you are not around to tell them yourself.

Experienced estate planning attorney Elga Goodman can help you take an inventory of all your goals and make a plan that incorporates your values for your family and for possible changes in the future.  Call us today at 973-841-5111.

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