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What is a Holographic Will?

A holographic will is a will written by the testator in his own handwriting. A holographic will is not usually witnessed and is often written in cases of emergency or when someone thinks death is imminent and he needs to make his last wished known but doesn’t have time to draft a will through the usual legal procedures.

Generally speaking a holographic will is not valid unless made under certain circumstances.  For example, if a young solider is in the field and fears death is imminent, he might write down his wishes for his estate along with a good bye to his family on a piece of paper in his wallet.  A judge would typically consider the wishes as the soldier’s true intentions under the circumstances.  If that soldier survived, his holographic will would be invalid once he has had reasonable time to draft a proper will.

Getting legal Help

Having a holographic will admitted to probate can be very difficult. Holographic wills are recommended. To have a formal and valid will prepared contact Experienced Estate Planning Attorney Elga Goodman. Ms. Goodman can help you create a plan which protects your assets, saves tax consequences, and protects loved ones. Call us today at 973-841-5111.

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