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What are a Guardian’s Responsibilities?

A parent of minor children designates a person to care for his minor children in the event that some tragedy befalls her and perhaps her spouse as well. Generally a guardian is responsible for the day to day care of minor children. The day to day care includes providing a home and supervision for a child. It includes providing food and clothing and everything else a parent might provide a child. When a parent designates a guardian it is his or her hope that the guardian will also provide love and emotional support for the child.  A guardian takes the place of the parent when the parent passes away while the child is still a minor.

A guardian can be designated as both the caregiver and the individual responsible for the assets left for the child.  Sometimes, however, a parent designates a different person or bank to be the trustee for the assets left to provide for the care of minor children.   The law provides flexibility so that a parent can designate the best care giver for the child, and also provide that an individual (or bank or trust company) who is financially savy can manage the trust assets.


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