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Planning Ahead Eases Stress of Losing a Loved One

You Need an Estate Plan

One of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones is an estate plan. Imagine the chaos of dividing a home, all the furnishings, all stocks, bonds, bank accounts and insurance proceeds without any guidance.  An estate plan begins with an inventory of all assets.  An estate planning attorney then uses the inventory to create a plan which not only divides all the assets but also preserves assets and even maximizes growth of assets whenever possible.  An estate plan can include a living will and a power of attorney.  Both documents are important to execute while a person is healthy and has the mental capacity to understand the documents.

You Need a Funeral Plan 

Another great gift you can give loved ones is a funeral and burial plan. You don’t have to actually make any arrangements yourself, but simply stating what kind of service you would like to honor your life can help loved ones create a plan following your wishes.  Just deciding whether a person wishes to be buried, cremated, or donated to a medical school is huge relief to loved ones who don’t want to make that decision.  A plan can also diminish any disagreements among loved ones about what you would have wanted.  Whether you have a lot of assets, or very little, an estate plan is an easy gift to give those who care about you.

Get Legal Help

Experienced California Estate Planning Attorney Elga Goodman can make the process easy. You can take the first step in giving your loved ones, and yourself, the gift of peace-of-mind. Call us today at 561.935.9763 and toll free 855.873.7268.

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