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National Cemeteries in New Jersey

Veterans’ Burial Benefits

Each veteran and his/her spouse who has been honorably discharged and has had one day of active duty is entitled to a free cemetery property, a headstone, and perpetual care at any National Cemetery.

There are two National Cemeteries in New Jersey and New Jersey residents are welcome to be buried there is space allows. The New Jersey national cemeteries are not available for new casketed remains:

  • Beverly National Cemetery is only accepting subsequent interments for veterans or eligible family members in an existing gravesite. The cemetery is close to new interments.
  • Finn’s Point National Cemetery is open for new cremated remains.  The cemetery may be able to accommodate casketed remains in the same gravesite of previously interred family members.

Getting Legal Help

If you or a family member is a U.S. veteran, you are entitled to special benefits for your funeral and burial, as well as allowances for burial in a cemetery other than a National Cemetery.  Contact Experienced New Jersey Estate Planning Attorney Elga Goodman to understand your benefits and to make a plan for your funeral and final resting place.  Contact us today at 973-841-5111.

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