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Make Planning Your Estate a Priority

It’s Hard to Make Time to Do Everything

With so many immediate demands on our time—work, kids, groceries, household chores—it’s easy to push some things we know we should do to the bottom of our to-do lists.  When tragedy strikes though, it’s too late to plan and it’s too late to get things in order.

You Cannot Sign a Will if You are Not Thinking Clearly

A will provides a plan for the distribution of your assets as well as for the financial protection and physical care of your minor children. A person must be “of sound mind” when he signs his will which means that a person who is too ill to think clearly, or who has been injured to the point where he is not coherent, cannot create a valid will.

Estate Planning Should Move to the Top of Your To-Do List

When people are feeling good and healthy they are not usually thinking about needing a will and that is exactly why it is so easy to push it to the back burner and not finish it.  Many people decide to call an estate planning lawyer when there is a crisis—after a parent has a heart attack, or a spouse is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Unfortunately, at that point, it may be too late if that person does not have the required mental capacity to fully understand the contents of the will.

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