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Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to do something better this year that we haven’t done in the past. A great easy New Year’s resolution is to “give more in 2012”. You can give more of your time and volunteer for a worthy charity.

Save Taxes and Help Those in Need

You can also be more conscious about your charitable giving this year. An individual can make contributions to charitable organizations and take advantage of applicable state and federal income tax deductions.

Planned giving can help lower the taxable value of your estate while also helping others in need. An experienced Estate Planning attorney can help you create a strategy for giving which when incorporated into a thorough estate plan provides more protection for your assets and your loved ones while allowing you to enjoy the experience of giving.

Getting Legal Help

You can make 2012 the year you create an estate planning strategy which incorporates charitable giving to help more people in need. Experienced Estate Planning Attorney Elga Goodman can help you understand your options for tax-saving and giving strategies.

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