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Partial v. Full Medicaid in Morristown, New Jersey

E.A. Goodman Law, LLC provides trustworthy advice to clients about their eligibility for either partial or full benefits under the Medicaid program. While many seniors in New Jersey rely on Medicare to cover their healthcare expenses, this federal program doesn’t cover everything. For those who qualify, however, Medicaid programs may be available.

Our experienced elder law attorneys will help determine whether you are eligible for partial Medicaid or full Medicaid and help you navigate the process of applying for and obtaining these vital healthcare benefits. We offer free consultations, cost-effective service, and the compassionate representation you need and deserve. Contact our Morristown office today to get started. 

Why You Need an Experienced Medicaid Planning Attorney

As a Medicare recipient, you know that there are exclusions from coverage, one of the most critical is long-term care, either in the home or a skilled nursing facility. Without coverage, a long-term insurance policy or the ability to self-fund, the cost of long-term care could easily deplete your assets. This is where our firm can help.

Lead attorney Elga Goodman is a highly regarded elder law attorney with in-depth knowledge of the Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security Disability benefit programs. Our legal team has a well-earned reputation as dedicated advocates of seniors and is committed to helping you obtain the Medicaid benefits you need to supplement the benefits you currently receive.

What Is the Difference Between Partial Medicaid and Full Medicaid?

Medicaid is a federal-state healthcare program for low-income individuals and families that fall under NJ Family Care, New Jersey’s publicly funded health insurance program. Both seniors and the disabled may be entitled to Medicaid benefits. 

Disabled individuals who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits through the Social Security Administration automatically qualify for Medicaid benefits. There is no need to file a separate application with NJ Family care unless nursing home services are needed. 

There are two categories of benefits available to seniors under the Medicaid program – full benefits and partial benefits:

Full Medicaid benefits include:

  • Medicaid for aged and disabled individuals (MEDS-AD)
  • Institutional care program (ICP)
  • Hospice care
  • Home and community-based services (HCBS) waivers

Partial Medicaid benefits include:

  • Medically needy (MN)
  • Medicare cost-sharing programs
  • Qualified Medicare beneficiary (QMB)
  • Special low-income Medicare beneficiary (SLMB)
  • Qualifying individuals 1 (QI-1)

These are complicated and confusing terms for many, and obtaining partial or full Medicaid benefits can be challenging because of strict eligibility requirements. The best way to obtain the benefits you need and deserve is to work with an experienced New Jersey Medicaid attorney. 

Am I eligible for full or partial Medicaid?

To qualify for full or partial benefits, you must:

  • Be aged 65 or older or, if under age 65, blind or disabled. Individuals who are currently receiving SSI automatically qualify (if you are seeking SSI, your disability must prevent you from working and be expected to last at least 1 year).
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a qualified non-citizen (e.g. permanent resident, green card holder, asylee). 
  • Be a resident of New Jersey
  • Have a Social Security number (or apply for one)
  • File for other benefits for which you may be eligible (e.g. pensions, retirement, disability benefits).

In addition, there are financial eligibility requirements for Medicaid programs. For SSI-based Medicaid, your monthly earnings cannot exceed $794 per month (this amount is adjusted annually). Also, your assets cannot exceed $2,000 ($3,000 for a couple) – a home is not included in this calculation. For the MEDS-AD program, your assets cannot exceed $5,000 ($6,000 for a couple), and your income cannot exceed 88 percent of the federal poverty level. 

Why Choose E.A. Goodman?

Given the challenges of meeting general and financial eligibility requirements for partial or full Medicaid, it is essential to have an experienced Medicaid planning attorney at your side, When you consult with us, we will determine whether you meet the asset and income limits for Medicaid programs that are available through NJ Family Care, and if so, assist with the application, compile the necessary financial information and medical evidence, and guide you through the process. Trust our legal team to help you obtain the medical and financial resources you need and plan for long-term care. 

Contact Our Experienced New Jersey Medicaid Planning Attorneys

If you need assistance obtaining partial or full Medicaid benefits, turn to E.A. Goodman Law, LLC, the trusted choice in elder law and estate planning. Contact our office for an appointment.