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Leaving Messages to Loved Ones Outside a Last Will and Testament

There are new internet companies popping every day which offer services for people to leave messages “from the grave.”

Some companies offer an option to email everyone on your contact list when you pass away and others offer video services. A person can pay to make a video or can upload his own video. The company stores the video, photos or messages and then an activation code is used to send the videos, photos or messages to pre-designated email addresses.  Companies suggest giving the activation code to one person who can be trusted to use it responsibly.

You can pay for an additional service which sends an email warning to you that the activation code has been used and allows you a number of days to respond if the activation was a mistake—so your loved ones won’t get a message that you are deceased when you are not!

Consider Costs—Financial and Emotional

Before signing up for any internet service to leave messages to your loved ones, you should carefully consider the costs. Some companies charge a flat fee and some charge an annual fee—which could add up if you live many years from the date you sign up for the service. You should also give careful consideration to how your loved ones might respond to an electronic message from you after you are gone. Some may be upset by a digital message rather than comforted while others would appreciate the gesture.

Getting Legal Help

Before signing up for a digital message from the grave, consult an experienced attorney about all your options for leaving a message, a video or a legacy for your loved ones. To learn more about estate planning and what you need to do to protect your assets and your loved ones, contact experienced estate planning attorney Elga Goodman today at 973-841-5111.

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